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School Hats Articles

Fragile Kiwis will get no let-up from Australia

Vettori is captain, leading all-rounder and selector.

The gift of the gab

No one can resist an Irish accent, writes Raymond Gill.

Gillard delays change to youth living allowance

THE Education Minister, Julia Gillard, has bowed to pressure from country students and delayed a controversial element of Labor's overhaul of the youth allowance, so that students who made plans based on the current rules will not be disadvantaged by the proposed changes.

Edgeworth Is A Sun-safe School

ACCORDING to the Cancer Council of NSW, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer on the globe. It is responsible for more than 1600 deaths every year, with tens of thousands of Australians treated annually.

Often More Damage For School Students In The Pay-out Than The Original Sin

'I have no doubt that you have heard by now many stories concerning the activities of year 8 in recent weeks," the letter from the headmistress began. "I feel it is important to share with you some of the facts, and to scotch some of the rumours."